2 Benefits of Having Waves or Becoming a Waver

2 Benefits of Having Waves or Becoming a Waver

2 Benefits of Having Waves or Becoming a Waver

Hair Tips Episode 5

I got an email from one of our drip family members asking for motivation to keep him waving. He said he wants to keep waving but he get’s lazy. I want to share it with all of you out there who are wavers, want to want wave, or know a waver.

I want to keep these short so you actually read them. There will be links to other benefit Episodes Later

Drippy Rags | Funny Waver Meme

Benefit 1: Wavers Get Respect

It takes a lot of dedication and work. An Elite Waver “OG Waver” gets a lot of respect and love. Especially In the wave community. It takes dedication and time to get the waves they have. Most wavers don’t last a couple months of waving so someone who’s been in the game for a while gets mad love and gets respected for the time and effort they put into their hair.  

Drippy Rags | Drake with Waves

It’s only a select few that make it that far in the game. It’s cool though because sometimes we only want to do a style for a bit. Times change, people change, tastes change. This year might be waves, next year might be braids, the year after might be dreads but one thing people always respect, greatness.

So elite wavers always keep their own shine regardless of what’s going on. 

Wavers get respected online and in person because anyone who has tried it before knows and it’s something hard and not many people can maintain it for long. Or even put the time in to break forks, train their hair, make it through a wolf stage, and more.

Drippy Rags | 2 Wavers with 360 waves

Benefit 2: Becoming A Waver Show Dedication In Things

Most people who are dedicated to things are more likely to get what they want. Let’s say your dedicated to health, fitness, and  working out almost everyday. Eventually the body you want will come. Or you want to get a date or something. You talk to enough people who think your attractive you’ll probably get one or all. lol not saying for you to do it, you do you. But you get it 

You’re more likely not to start things and end up not finishing. You will get to your destination through that persistence. Believe it or not, wave maintenance takes work.

Drippy Rags | Man with waves

Waves show good hygiene. Females are attracted to good hygiene they can tell through your waves. When your waves are shining and defined. They look at them like Young Ma sings OOOUUU. You stand out. Not only is it a good look, it tells someone about your character. 

It increases your swag and confidence. After that fresh cut you know you got them, no one even has to say anything. It adds an extra touch to any outfit. You can also flex on people when you un rag. In general it makes you look fresh, cleaner, cooler, or even dapper depending on how you want to dress.

Drippy Rags | Guapdad 4000 with Waves

All in all what’s important is the respect and the discipline you gain from waving. Hopefully you pick up your durag and brush and make sure you get a brush session, styling session, or preserve your hairstyle just keeping your hair laid. 

Hope this helps you out.

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