About Us

Drippy Rags

Where drip, style and the quality you’ve been wanting meet. 

This is your one stop shop to wave maintenance and fashion, welcome to Drippy Rags .

Traditional durags were boring , so we took that and created a wavers paradise.

We are going beyond just the average durag and offering you a range of headwear and essentials.

Introducing unique designs for every single kind of waver out there while tapping into each person’s individuality, making sure to complete that perfect social media feed and awakening your inner influencer.

Our goal is to make the best products on earth  while creating a place you’ll want to keep in your favorites and through transparency, collaborating with YOU to work through critiques and elevate we’ll do just that. 

More than just a brand, this is a tribe. We are shaping the headwear lane.

Keep a look out for new products coming soon &

Take a step into a piece of the culture and never look back!