2 More Benefits of Waves & Haircare: Confidence, & Discipline 

2 More Benefits of Waves & Haircare: Confidence, & Discipline 

Benefits of Waves & Haircare: Confidence, & Discipline 

Hair Care tips Episode 6:

 Drippy Rags 360 waves

You know what they say: a man (or woman) who takes care of their hair, takes care of their woman (or man). 

I don’t know about you but I know if someone takes care of their belongings, they are more likely to respect other people’s things.

How does this apply to you?

Most wavers, dread heads, people with braids or other hairstyles love that feeling when their hair is fresh or looking its best. What comes with that and prolonging the fresh look is wrapping your head either with a durag, wearing a bonnet, etc.

Keeping your hair fresh is annoying but rewarding. However, when you pop out and your hair is on point, you stand out. Compliments are a plus and make you feel even better. We all want to feel good period and that little extra effort to style and protect your hair helps you look and feel great.

Drippy Rags 360 wave transformation

This helps you build confidence. One of the best mood boosters out there is when you’re looking good and you know it. Studies show when you feel good you’re more likely to talk to people you wouldn’t really talk to and you might do things you usually don’t do. 

360 Waves Drippy Rags

It’s a simple but easy way to build confidence. Think about it when your hair is a mess, it makes it hard to go out. You can easily throw a durag or bonnet on to hide the hair but deep inside you know you will feel better when your hair is done.

For my wavers and anyone who does a hair routine that is not instant. The next section is for you.

Waves create discipline?

With confidence a wave routine can add some discipline to life.

Do you know how hard it is to do a routine every day to get a result you might not see for a couple weeks to months?

Drippy Rags Man with 360 Waves

360 waves may take some time to form, create a beehive, or break forks. Discipline goes hand and hand with confidence. It helps build self esteem. 

If it takes like a minute to wrap your head, why don’t we do it? Sometimes it’s because we don’t have a why or we get too comfortable. 


Drippy Rags Love with waves and a durag

A why can be something simple like getting the girl at school or the gym to notice you, or can be complicated as becoming the best waver on youtube. You have to pick something and use it as your motivation to keep going when you don’t want to 

Drippy Rags Waves meme

How many times have I slept without a durag and had to wake up to messed up hair, Smdh! I wish I could get a dollar for the amount of times this has happened to me.

Look at people who go to the gym everyday. If they stick to going to the gym they get the results they’re looking for. Missing a day or two might not slow you down but the goal is not to quit. Gym or haircare 

I hope this motivated you a bit to keep going on your hair journey or whatever goals you’re looking to accomplish.

Hope this helps you out.

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