Best Haircuts for Waves

Best Haircuts for Waves

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Best Haircuts for Men With Waves to Try Now!

I get asked about haircuts a lot and I wanted to let you know what the Best Haircuts for Waves are.

This is a quick guide for those looking for the best haircuts while waving or for those who are starting off with waves. (These cuts will also work those with curls, fros, braids, dreads but today we are focusing on waves.)

This is not the end all be all haircut for wavers but these are some of the top cuts to give you a direction on your journey.

Taper Fade with Waves


The taper fade is a staple and classic haircut for showing off your waves. The taper happens in two areas, the sideburns and neckline. The taper fade can go around the ears depending on the barber but no matter the technique the over-all result will be the areas becoming shaved down so no unwanted hair sticks out of your durag. Since the edges and sides of your head are shaved down it gives your hair a smooth finish leaving you with a variety of 180 waves, 360 waves, 540 waves, and 720 waves. This is the hair cut for those that want full flexibility with your styling.


Drop Fade with Waves

A drop fade starts higher than a taper fade but still is short on the sides, curving around the ears to the back of the neck.  The fade starts at the temple. You have less of an edge line up on your sideburns because it is mostly faded out. The taper fade you see a darker edge up than the drop fade.


High Fade with Waves

For those that mostly want to show off your front waves… the high fade is for you. The high fade starts near the top of the head and fades down into a short haircut. On the days where you just don’t want to brush the sides or the side waves are not ready yet, you can pull this cut off and choose to show off your 360 or 180 waves. This is different from the bald fade because you will have a shorthair cut after the fade.


Bald Fade with Waves (also known as Skin Fade)

This hair cut hair leaves hair at the top or near the top of your head and fades down to bald.

This is mainly used by the 180 waver and those who do not want to maintain the waves on the sides and back. This haircut really puts the emphasis on the front waves. For a beginner, anyone in the military, or a job where you cannot do too much with your hair. You cannot go wrong with this one.

You can always just stick with a line up with waves. This always works and leaves you feeling sharp and fresh with a crispy line.

Now that you know some of the top hair cuts make sure you take one of these cuts with you and a mask and you sit in your barber’s chair and make them drip that hair cut out. Send us a picture to so we can post you on our Instagram! Make sure you use a durag to maintain your haircut as well.

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