Can a Durag Cut Off Circulation? How Tight Should You Tie Your Durag?

Can a Durag Cut Off Circulation? How Tight Should You Tie Your Durag?

Can a Durag Cut Off Circulation? How Tight Should You Tie Your Durag?

Can a Durag Cut Off Circulation?

So you want to know if you can safely wear a durag? No worries because we always got your back, or in this case your waves!

Right off the bat, let's clear one thing up; Durags will not cut off circulation to your head, brain or anything on your head. Unless you were to tie a Durag as tight as possible around the top of your head so that you feel like you're going to pass out.

You still wouldn’t be cutting off circulation completely but it sure would hurt.

So now that that’s out of the way, let's get down to it. 

How Tight Should You Tie Your Durag?

To get waves your hair needs the consistent protection and pressure that helps hair grow in the pattern, not curl up or tangle, and wave correctly. You should not be tying your durag like you're trying to tie your laces or shoes as tight as possible. 

Durags should act like socks for your head. You don’t want your socks squeezing too tight or too loose. You want that perfect fit. Some good socks will fit snugly and protect your feet without slipping off or feeling like your foot can’t move.

Your durag should be tied around the top of your head and not so tight that you're in pain. Once you go that far, you are hurting yourself. Instead you want it to be secure so that it will not move very easily but allow you to still feel the top of your head.

Now when you figure out how tight your durag should be, you really have no right or wrong answer as to how secure your durag needs to be. As long as your hair is secure and the durag is form fitting to your head is the sign of the right neighborhood.

One more thing, if you tie your durag too tight or make the straps too small(width-wise), you may find yourself with some lines on your forehead and the sides of your head when you take it off. Do not stress because the worst case scenario is they will naturally just go back to normal and the lines will disappear.


But if you want to avoid this happening, a good way to tie your durag is to leave the straps as open, flat, and wide as possible as they wrap around your head until the last crossover when you have to tie them. This won’t cause them to create pressure on the skin as much while wrapping your head and will still allow your hair to be secure.

Just remember, if your durag or wave cap is literally hurting or you start to feel like the pressure in your head is building up from wearing one, you might want to loosen your durag. Drip for Life!

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