Why The Dark Knight Is So Special!

Why The Dark Knight Is So Special!

The Hero That's Inside YOU

The Dark Knight AKA Batman

Most relatable superhero to what someone in our universe could be.

He has no superpowers but we still call him a superhero. He doesn't fly, have laser eyes, run faster than the speed of sound, etc. He represents the common man like me and you.


One thing you may not know is Batman is the only superhero who wears his true identity while being a hero. 

Bruce Wayne is the alter-ego while Batman is Bruce's true identity. His qualities like pain, deep anger, and real feelings come out when he is batman. Bruce is his mask he wears for society. 

Bruce Wayne represents what most men would like to be (like a cooler version of Elon Musk) runs a billion dollar company, famous & powerful, he's a bachelor, and is just overall cool. People think he's perfect but this mask covers all of his true fears, pain, loneliness, frustration, and anger. 

Ironically Bruce Wayne is scared of Bats but he's batman.

Batman represents what we can become with hard work and dedication. Lol I don't know about fighting those villains though hahah😂. Training everyday, trying to get better without being born or being in a freak accident to gain any superpowers. 

He worked hard for his strength and smarts. He also used his pain to help him keep achieving and balancing his double life. 

The Dark Knight is a contrast to other brightly colored superheroes. He has an intimidating look and he remains the hero in the darkness. 

Next, The difference between batman and most other superhero is Batman is pretty much always the underdog. He's not like superman aka the strongest man on earth.

He's powerless but most of who he meets superhero or villain has some some sort of super human ability better than his own. He always finds a way around it and he is usually forced to stretch himself to get better to win his battles.

He's not invincible so can get his back broken like what Bane did to him. Batman cannot beat Bane in a physical fight but he eventually figures out banes strength comes from his tubes and uses this to beat him.


This brings us to his Villains 

He has the most interesting villains they are not just random villains that popped out of no where. The villains have unique stories, backgrounds and represent different human traits. 

The villain's challenge Batman's greatest strengths and weaknesses

Here are what some of his greatest villains represent:

Bane = Strength

Riddler = Intellect (smarts)

Joker = Anarchy life with no boundaries lawless world where everything goes

Poison Ivy = Temptation or a person with no restraint 

Scare Crow = Fear

Batman overcomes his weaknesses while he's dealing with these villains which makes him more likable to us


Batman follows a strict moral code and is tested more than any other superhero but at the end of the day he turns his weaknesses into strengths. 

He shows us to never give into your darkest emotion and you can always make the right choice 



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