3 Reasons You Are Not Progressing With Your Wave Journey

3 Reasons You Are Not Progressing With Your Wave Journey

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3 Reasons You’re Not Progressing With Your Wave Journey 

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Reason 1: Your Cutting Your Hair below Curl Length

When you do this you never give your hair a chance to wave up  

Coarser/kinky (means tighter curl pattern) hair textures have a lower curl length so you can cut it lower than and get waves faster than other hair textures.

Medium hair textures need a bit higher hair length cut so their waves can form and last straighter hair textures take the longest and need more hair to form the wave patterns.


Try wolfing or growing your hair for 2 months while doing your wave regiment.

Form your waves first then cut it.

Don't cut it too low coarser/kinky hair wavers try a 1.5 or a 2 and move up the loser curls straighter your hair. Don't be afraid to ask your barber which guard would be best for you to get waves.

Do not scalp when first trying to get waves even if you got some. Let your hair start growing in the wave pattern before you start scalping. 

 Drippy Rags Curl Patterns

these are examples of curl patterns

Reason 2: You’re simply not Brushing enough 

You’re not really brushing and having brush sessions 

Many new wavers even wavers who have been in the game for a while trying to become elite wonder why it's not happening or it's taking so long.

The magic is in the brushing. You can put what ever in your head but if you're not brushing it's going to be really difficult to become elite.  

The more elite you become the less you have to brush as your hair becomes conditioned to grow in the pattern.

You need at least an hour a day when establishing your waves.

Do 15 minute sessions, 30 minute sessions, if you got time do it all in one session 

Use a mirror to monitor progress
Hand mirrors are great or use the bathroom mirror.  Once you really know what you’re doing brush  while watching your favorite shows, or doing other things.

Drippy Rags 360 Waves Hair

Reason 3:  You’re over-washing your hair.

This strips your hair from its natural oils makes it more brittle and dry. This is a no-no for waves and hair health in general.


Wash and style 2-3 times a week.

if you are not sweating or getting your hair wet you can get away with one day 

Using the wrong products some products have chemical in them that damage dry out and hurt your hair try to use natural as much as possible 

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