What Is The Difference Between The 3 Main Wave Brushes?

What Is The Difference Between The 3 Main Wave Brushes?

What is the Difference Between The 3 Main Wave Brushes ?

Well, everyone should know that the key to getting waves is brushing, but a question you may ask is why are there soft, medium, and hard brushes?  It's not all about getting a 360 wave haircut and thinking you're gravy.

Drippy Rags Model with 360 waves

If you don't know what you're doing once you wash your hair, those waves will be gone like when Popeyes came out with that spicy chicken sandwich for the first time and people couldn't get one for a minute. You want to learn about each brush, your durags, and hair products. This is how you become elite.

What is the Difference Soft, Medium, and Hard Bushes?

Drippy Rags Male model having a brush session with a hard medium and soft brush

Each brush hits different layers of your hair and has their own purposes.


Hard Wave Brush

The hard brush mainly makes your waves and wave connections deeper. Your wave process becomes a whole lot easier with this brush. 

It gets all the way down to the root of your hair especially if you are wolfing. It is used just to lay your hair down

This brush hits the bottom layer of your head. Unless you have really soft straight hair, a soft brush will not do much on a wolf except for the final detailing and final touches of the details of the waves.

When you get a haircut the barber usually cuts the top layer off. If your waves are not trained right they don’t become permanent. They will be gone with the cut. The hard brush is what helps those waves form at the root of the scalp of your head.

The hard brush can be used for all hair types but if you have coarse or more kinky hair the hard brush helps tame the hair a lot easier. 

The hard brush is usually the first brush a waver picks up during a brush session. You lay your hair down in layers, get the hardest part first up until you get to the easiest. It lays down all the hair underneath and handles the new growth. You want to get that out the way so you can work towards details.

Hard bristle wave brushes are made with 100 percent natural hard boar bristles so that they can get through thicker or coarser hair without tearing your roots.

  Drippy Rags Model with brush

Drippy Rags wave brushes were made for easy waves, reduction of frizz and to not hurt your hair as you get older; making them one of the longest lasting and best brushes on the market today.


Medium Wave Brush

This is the main brush in any wavers arsenal. The medium brush is for your daily brushing not only brush sessions. This brush is used to improve your waves.

Medium brushes are even more flexible, gentle on the scalp, and more precise than hard brushes. This brush keeps your waves sleek and flat. Hard brushes are for heavy duty work. They really move the hair. 

This brush is great for when you have longer hair length and a bit after your haircut for deepness and connections. You can use it after a cut, while wolfing, or in between. The medium brush is the perfect in between brush. 

You can brush on a wolf or low cut with this brush without discomfort.

When you take your durag off and want a quick deeper brush. Then you can brush really quickly then throw your durag back on. You can do this with any other brush but the medium brush makes the most impact for these short sessions.

This is the brush you’re going to spend the most time using. If you have soft enough hair you might not even need a hard brush you can start your brush session off with this brush. Also, if you are on a budget, the medium brush is the first brush to buy when looking for 360 wave brushes because it is so versatile.

 Drippy Rags man with wave brush

Soft Wave Brush

Soft brushes are made for short haircuts, softer, and straighter hair texture. It’s gentler on the scalp than most brushes. You want to use this brush for details and when you have a really low wave haircut like a #1 or #1.5. 

You end your brush sessions with a soft brush.  It really gets the top of your head and is great for short hair.

This brush will give you the most shine to your waves because it lays your product on the top layer of your hair. 

The soft brush smooths out the other brushing layers and frizz for a fine silky finish. When you finally take that durag off, the brushing from this kind of brush makes it much more satisfying.

You can use this brush when your hair is laid down already for example after you take your durag off. You might want to add some finishing touches. Boom brush with that soft one to get you ready to go.

 Drippy Rags man with 360 waves

How to choose a brush?

As you may know we sell Curved Wave Brushes here at Drippy Rags and we recommend you try one. The curved design reaches all of the sections of your hair for maximum waves.

There are many hair brush brands out there like brush king medium curve, enforcer spin wave brush, torino wave brushes, kingston grooming, or whatever brand out there that can help with waves.

You ultimately have to figure out what works best for your hair. We believe we have the best wave brush but everything comes down to your hair and what speaks to it.

Society likes to label minority hair or  "black hair" as all one texture but we need to understand that we have so many different textures and mixed hair types one solution might not fit everyone and that’s okay.

At Drippy Rags we firmly believe we got the right brush to form wave patterns to create most wave hairstyles. Also, we are always looking to improve. Please let us know how you feel about our products.

Pro Tip of the Day: Please don't buy any of those double sided brushes. They are no-no's for waves; they will break your waves up and create forks.


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