Here's Another Guide but this Time it's for Her!

We are now living inn a world where buying Range Rovers and Phantoms for a gift is the new thing. Don't go broke over the holidays here's some good affordable gifts she would love but won't probably tell you about.

Looking for a present for that special one, girlfriend, wife, mom, best friend, stinky link, etc. but you're on a budget don't worry I got you.

We are now living inn a world where buying Range Rovers for a gift is the new thing. Don't go broke over the holidays here's some good affordable gifts she would love but probably won't tell you about.

I want to make sure you have a great holiday and make your loved ones happy at the same time.

Also share this with someone who might need some help. I'm going to send one with ideas if you on a budget, what should you get her, and if you got it so be on a look out for that.

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Make Up Gift Cards

There is so many options when it comes to make up it makes it hard to pick what she would want. Take the guess work out and let her choose. 

Suggestions: Sephora, Ulta, Fenty, Target, CVS

Victoria Secret or Savage x Fenty Gift Cards may work in your favor because she might pick something up to wear for you too


Lotion & Candles

Bath & Body Works is a cheat code. Grab the 3 wick candles on sale they smell amazing. They have good lotions and other things she would like as well. 

If you can't make the sales Marshall's, TJ Max, Target but you will just have to do some digging. You can find some good ones for the low.


Can't go wrong with a pair of Crocs. She can wear them lounging or running to the store really quickly. She can also personalize them with jibbitz. Get her initials or some things she likes to do, or favorite foods. The possibilities are endless. 


Most women love to smell good. A good perfume allows her to feel good, confident, sexy, and wanted.

If you are her lover you want her to think about you when wear the perfume.


Make sure you read reviews or smell it to see it it will match her taste. Here are some suggestions many women like but make sure the flavors match her. Maybe ask her what kind of flavors do you like? Do you like the smell of cherries or vanilla etc.? 

Your scent is you, is your girl a floral girl or a warm scent kind of girl girl? Does she want to command the room when she walks in or just be thought of after she leaves? What do you want others to think of your girl as?

Suggestions Around $100:

Dolce and Gabbana Garden, Burberry Her, YSL Libre, Vanilla Woods, Gucci Guilty, The Pink Chanel Chance, 

Suggestions Around $20 - $50:

Victoria Secret Bombshell Collection (Passion, Intense), Victoria Secret Bare Vanilla, Cheirosa '71, Crush by Rihanna,

**Pro tip for stocking stuffers and additions to a gift buy the little perfume roller balls don't have to spend so much on just one grab a couple and add it to your gift

Make it Easy With a Gift Set

Don't know what to buy? Many of the stores mentions earlier have gift sets. Save some time and grab a set. Or you can take some time and build your own.

Sephora, Bath and Body Works have some really good giftsets.



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