How To Avoid Problems With Your Velvet Durag?

How To Avoid Problems With Your Velvet Durag?

How To Avoid Problems With Your Velvet Durag?

This also works for velvet scrunchies, and all other velvet materials.

Doesn’t matter where you buy your Velvet Durag from whether it's a $80 piece from Atira Lyons or any other durag specialized shop some people may have to deal with the inevitable velvet material bleeding. Certain colors like the reds, burgundy, and purple bleed initially because of the manufacturing process.

A lot of people may not deal with this and to those people good to know but if someone you know goes through this you can help them. Two people may buy the same durag but get totally different experiences but 

You know what they say: prevention is always best.

So how do you deal with a bleeding velvet durag?

Wash it when you first get it. This can eliminate any bleeding that can occur from the manufacturing process. Try washing it in cold water before you wear it. Hand wash it or machine wash it on the delicate setting.

The most ideal detergent to use is any baby detergent, but you don’t have to go out and buy a special detergent just to wear a durag you can always make do with what you have. Use the soap that you have: any laundry detergent, shampoo, or dish soap, that is what the delicate setting is for. 

How to Wash a Velvet Durag?

Here Are the Best Ways to Wash your Velvets to last 

Hand Washing Velvet Durags: 

  1. Fill your sink or a bucket (basin) with cold water
  2. Add some detergent (just a couple of drops not much is needed)
  3. Use your hands to rub together the fabric against itself
  4. Make sure you rub together all of fabric the fabric and squeeze the soap out of it
  5. Do this a 3-4  times then dump the soapy water out and refill the sink or basin with fresh cool water 
  6. Do steps 3 and 4 again now in the freshwater to get rid of detergent and suds 
  7. If it is still soapy do steps 5 and 6 again
  8. Hang dry

Machine Wash Velvet Durags

  1. Set settings to cold and gentle or delicate cycle
  2. Add velvet durag and detergent
  3. Start wash cycle
  4. When done dry on tumble dry, low heat, or hang dry

Do Your Velvet Durags Slip Off at Night?

Most people have no problems with the velvet durags but there’s always a small percentage that experiences them slipping off of their head. Keep rocking your velvet durag during the day of course just don’t wear the durag to sleep with if you are one of these people. They are still great for waves, fashion, and wearing out.

I’m starting to see a whole new class of gym heads in velvets. They definitely look good and make them stand out in the gym. Velvets add a luxury feel to any situation you're in and you may get some great comments on your durag. The Velvets are definitely a type of durag to add to your collection. 

Hope you all enjoyed this quick guide of tips and takeaways to help those who have some frustrations around the Velvet durags. Remember for any durag needs or desires you can always grab yours here! Got those Velvet durags for you click here.

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