How to Get Waves the Fast but Lazy Way!

How to Get Waves the Fast but Lazy Way!

Want To Get Waves The Fast & Lazy Way?

You can be lazy and still be elite trust. Might take a little longer but don't judge it until you try it! This is for those who can't dedicate hours to brushing.

Let me tell you a quick disclaimer before you start, this can take you one day or it can take you 3-4 weeks to see results. Everyone’s hair texture is different. The length and curl pattern you have will determine how fast you get results

but don’t worry even if you don’t see the results right away if you follow this method the changes are certainly happening just remember to give it time.

Think of your waves like a Chinese Bamboo tree, you have to water it for 3-5 years without visually seeing any progress then BAM ! Before you know it it shoots right up out of nowhere. You’ll be brushing each day then one day the waves will form and it’s a wrap from there.

Now that you’ve read my disclaimer and tiny motivational segment let me not waste any more time and let you know the method. I call this the ‘100 method’ very simple and fast shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. You can do this multiple times a day if you want. The more the better.

If you haven’t guessed it yet…yes you will be brushing your hair 100 times. It’ll actually be little more than that since you will be brushing each of the sides of your head 100 times each but 100 method sounded better than ‘the 500 method’ so that’ll be a secret. As a beginner there won’t be worrying to much about the crown area but if you happen to want to include that too. Grab an old tooth brush to do the crown work.

Detailed Crown guide coming soon! Now for this 100 method you will start on the top of your head and brush your head in sections to get a 360 pattern. Picture your head like a pizza and most likely the middle of your head is your crown. this is how you will be brushing your hair


Now from your crown, separate your head into a pizza pie in your head then you will brush 100 times in each section. You don't have to separate your head like this exactly but this is an example. You don't need to actually make the marks but keep it in your mind 

Also you can do this during a wash and style, after a wash, or when you just want to have a brush session. As you do it more you will figure out what works for you!


First you will add water to your hair. A spray bottle would be the easiest & one of the most effective way to do so. Also you can use a warm to hot wet towel or put water in your hands. What ever is easiest for you. 

Add your product (wave grease, wave butter, oil, etc) and brush brush brush each side for 100 times!

You will be brushing with the grain when using this method and not against the grain.

‘With the grain’ means brushing in the way the hair grows so it can lay down easily. Usually you will be brushing downward if you are brushing with the grain correctly. Quick way to test if you are on the right path is if your hair sticks up then that’s against the grain if it runs smoothly across that is with the grain which is exactly what you want.

look at the pictures below to see what the brushing motion with the grain looks like

Add your durag and keep it moving let it do it’s magic. Congrats you’ve completed the 100 method now consistently do this and your waves will form

You do this right the waves can form anywhere from 1 day to 2-3 months. This is the a long term method and can take you up to 10 months so do not lose hope. Some days you’ll put in more time some days you may put in less whether you do it in the am or pm.

This is a perfect way to get you started on your wave regiment and can also be applied in a wash and style routine if you have one already so what are you waiting for? Start today actually start as soon as you finish this article 100 brushes starts now!

Stay Drippy

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Coming soon Detailed guide to find out how to find your crown 

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