How To Get Waves and Manage 360 Waves While Playing Sports

How To Get Waves and Manage 360 Waves While Playing Sports

How To Get Waves and Manage 360 Waves While Playing Sports & How to keep your waves as an athlete, playing sports, lifting weights or exercising?

When you play sports like Basketball, Football, Soccer, Boxing, Weight Lifting, run Track or you're just in the gym, maintaining your waves might be hard. You might get discouraged as a waver because athletic season is coming. This is because you think you might lose all the progress you made with your wave process. But it doesn't have to be that way!

You kind of have to treat your wave process like brushing your teeth. if you don't do it your breath's going to stink 😂😂😂. 

When you think of your wave process look at it like it's part of your routine, as long as you keep doing it you won't lose much progress.

I'll be answering a couple questions so you don't have to worry too much and you can keep your wave journey going smoothly. 

Do You Have To Wear Durags All The Time?

The answer could be yes or no let me explain. When you're playing sports If you're trying to be on point and picture ready at all times aka wave ready. Go for it wear your durag all the time but it's not a must if you want to be a waver.

Some sports wearing a durag might be uncomfortable like in football when you wear a helmet. You can use a wave cap or take the helmet off from behind at first not to mess up your waves. 

However, you don't have to wear a durag all the time just make sure after you done with your sport or taking off your helmet for the day do a brush session to fix your wave pattern and maintain your wave progress. You want to lay your waves back down.

After that, put your durag back on until you can get a shower in. Then later on you can do your wave routine.

Does Sweat Mess Up Your Waves?

Sweating does not mess up your waves. So just know you don't have to be on the court or field with your durag on. Me personally i like playing sports and when I'm balling I like to wear my durag especially when I have a fresh cut and my waves are hitting.

Because every time you take off that durag it be like sheeeeesh. Or even how it feels to touch my waves feels good. A durag will keep your hair laid but it's not a must. Again just remember after you done playing have a brush session.

If you want a guide on staying disciplined while having waves let me know. Will do that.

Can I wash My Hair Everyday With Waves?

Again the answer can be yes or no! you can wash wash your hair everyday but make sure you don't use shampoo everyday. Shampoos strips your hair of it's natural oils leaving your hair dry. It's the best way to throughly clean your hair.

But you don't want to wash your hair everyday you want to wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Some people (like me) wash their hair with shampoo 1 time a week. You have to see what works for you! 

You might be wondering what I do for the other days I'm not washing my hair with shampoo. I Co Wash or If I don't have any activity I will put a durag on and I'll skip washing my hair over overall that day. 

I mostly Co-Wash though. A Co Wash is when you wash your hair with hair conditioners. I will have another guide on Co-Washes soon. A Co Wash will get you through the week because it doesn't dry your hair out.

You can use any conditioner (preferably natural) or you can use a product that is made for Co Washing. This way you can keep your hair clean and continue to do your sport without drying or damaging your hair.

Remember use shampoo when you want to clean all the product out of your hair. Do this anywhere from 1 to 3 times a week. You will test and see how many times you can do a full wash.

For swimmers make sure you wear your swim cap so the chlorine  does not mess with your hair. 

Always remember brush work is everything.

Stay Drippy

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