How To Tie Your Durag & Different Ways to Tie Your Durag! (2022)

How To Put On A Durag? 

  • Place the durag on your head 
  • Wrap the ties behind the head
  • Cross the ties behind your head
  • Tie a knot
  • Pull down the back flap
  • We will give you more visual representations and explanations below

Today you will learn several ways to tie a durag to get you going and keeping you fresh. We'll keep updating as we add more methods.

Drippy Rags Custom Headwear | How To Tie a Durag

When you first start tying your Durag make sure you use a mirror so you can get it perfect and easily fix any mistakes 

Hope this Helps

This first method is the original way to tie a Durag 
How to tie a durag with the No Knot Method? (basically the back is not tied and the durag stays tied on your head)
How to tie your durag to the front? with the knot up front like some rappers like Drake PartyNextDoor, Ski Mask The SlumpGod, Guapdad 4000, and more 
How to tie durag straps?

Most People have problems with the straps Here I will show you how to wrap them around your head perfectly

Step 1: 
Wrap the first strap all the way around your head make sure the straps are flat. Hold the second strap with your mouth so you can wrap the first one perfectly. you will have some of the strap left after wrapping it around your head hold it with your less dominant hand.
Drippy Rags How To Tie A Durag
Step 2: 
Next while holding the first strap with one of your hands grab the second one and wrap it around the first strap so it looks like there is only one strap. May take a couple tries to get it right.
Step 3: 
Play with it until you get it right
Drippy Rags How To Tie A Durag
Step 4: 
Now hold the straps with both hands and make sure the straps are crossed in the so you can tie a knot it the back
Drippy Rags How To Tie A Durag
Step 5: 
Now tie your knot
Drippy Rags How To Tie A Durag
All done Practice until you got it perfect
Drippy Rags How To Tie A Durag

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