How To Wash Your 360 Waves While Wolfing

How To Wash Your 360 Waves While Wolfing

How To Wash Your 360 Waves While Wolfing

This is going to be a really straightforward and step by step process on how to wash your hair while you have been Wolfing! This deep wash should be done once a week at least once every two weeks if you don't have time. There are other ways to wash your hair but this method is to help really set and enhance your waves

Wolfing is the process of not getting any haircuts and just growing out your hair while you're waving to improve your waves when you eventually cut it. 

This guide is for all wavers wether your a 180 waver, 360 waver, 540 waver, 720 waver, hybrid waver or etc. I'll just refer all wavers to 360 wavers in this guide since it's most common but you can apply the same principles to your beehive or whatever style you have. 

Today we're going to use the elite waver/barber @sly.huncho's (make sure you check him out) video for a visual demonstration because amazingly he did a 31 week wolf. Basically he kept a full afro tamed to waves. If he could keep his waves manageable at 31 weeks you definitely can too.

Warning do not go 31 weeks unless you really trained your hair and your know what you are doing. 


Now let’s get into it. When washing your hair get out either a portable speaker or your phone and put on your favorite playlist, tv shows, or movies. This will help you pass time while you’re doing this process.


First here is an option to start with if you have been waving for a while and looking to get rid of forks but your already have your waves formed:

The first thing you want to do is take your wide tooth comb or pick and start to comb out your hair. You're going to pick it up and out completely and get yourself a wavy afro.

Do not use a fine tooth comb or you may destroy some of the developing wave patterns in your hair.

Drippyrags Wash a wolf 1

Drippy rags wash a wolf 2

Drippyrags Wash a wolf 3

Skip that step if you are just beginning your waving journey and brush your hair in your wave pattern.

Next, you will want to get your hair completely wet! Use warm or hotter (not burning) water. You need to soak everything to make your hair nice and soft.


Pull out the natural shampoo and pour in your hair. Thoroughly lather your hair and make sure that the shampoo is properly distributed throughout your head. You want it going down to the scalp and all over your head. 

Drippyrags Wash a wolf 4


Once done shampooing, rinse it out completely. This is the first wash to get all the product out and clean your hair 

If your hair has more dirt or feels still like it might have some leftover product and stuff in it, definitely repeat the shampoo wash process in the previous step. Then wash it out.

This whole wash process should be really simple up to this point. 

Next, you will add natural conditioner to your hair. Distribute it through your hair but it does not have to be nearly as thorough as the shampoo.


You can leave it for 5-10 minutes or not depending on the time you have then go ahead brush and rinse it out. The conditioner will bring your curls out and really define them. Longer you keep it on the softer your hair becomes.


You're done with washing for now but we’re not done completely yet. Do not be tempted to dry your hair right now!!! I repeat: DO NOT DRY IMMEDIATELY!

Optional but can be a key step:

  • You're going to want to take your comb and start from the crown of your head and comb all the way through your hair back to your hair line. It will be easy to comb through your hair in this state since it's been wet. Essentially, follow the grain of your waves. You should start to see some curl and wave definition.

While your hair is wet, add more shampoo to your hair and brush it in!

Thoroughly lather your hair and make sure that the shampoo is properly distributed throughout your head. Now you want to use a wash brush. This is a brush you designated for washing your hair.

You are going to need your hard or medium brush and softly brush in the shampoo. 

Brush in your wave pattern from the crown of your head down. Start from your crown at the top of your head and brush down to your hairline.


Wash a wolf Drippy Rags 360 waves

 You need to brush in the way you want your patterns to go. 

Wash a wolf 5

Repeat from the crown to the back of your head.

  • Sly leaves his shampoo in and skips adding conditioner his this method you can do it like him if you want and skip the conditioner or you can rinse the shampoo out completely. Then do the same thing again but with conditioner in your hair now.
  • Play around with it and see what works better for your hair. He is on elite status so he knows what works for him. But the main thing is you want the shampoo and conditioner going down to the scalp and all over your head while brushing.

This is where you will see your waves start to form or see some loose waves, but the goal is to brush for around 10-30 minutes. I know it sounds like a long time to brush but that’s the wave process for you. Put some good music on to make the process easier.

Keep brushing until your hair is thoroughly set. If your hair dries a bit, add more shampoo. The goal is to keep your hair soft and moldable to the way you want your waves to go!

Do all of your hair like this until it looks like this.

how to was a wolf drippy rags

Look at the picture above you will see his waves are uniform.

Be careful as you brush during this phase because you are going to have a very strong impact on the shape of your waves and their connections.

You can easily form forks if you're brushing all kinds of crazy so keep your brush strokes going from crown to the hairline in nice, uniform strokes.

All you need to do at this point is wash your hair. You will need to wear your durag or wave cap to keep your hair compressed! Put it on and now rinse your hair.

Make sure you are not scratching or shaking your hair up. You just need to be patient and let the shampoo wash out while in the durag.

To help you can pat your hair to get out some of the shampoo. Let the shampoo come out on its own as you rinse. keep pouring more water. This can take a little while so be patient and keep your head soaked under running water! Use a hand mirror if you can't see the back.

  • This is next step optional but it is something to definitely try. Remember once again you are testing to see what works for your hair. Once you wash all the product out take off durag and you're going to add your products. 
  • Put a little bit of your Oils, pomades, wave butters, etc. Now distribute the product in your hair. Brush, brush, brush it in.
  • Wipe any excess product off your forehead if gets on it. Throw the durag back on until it full dries.

Do not remove your durag anymore as it has to stay on while your hair dries. You’re going to let your hair dry naturally while in a durag and if you want, you can double up on durags or put a wave cap over your durag to keep that extra compression.

Do not remove your durags until your hair completely dries which may take 2 hours or a whole day! It’s going to depend on how much hair you have but leave your hair alone until it fully dries. You don't have to stay in the bathroom or where you are washing at.

Do not be tempted to dry your hair early or remove your durag early. You can ruin everything that you just had to go through. Make sure you are patient and know that results are coming.

Quick pro tip: If you really don't have the time use a blow dryer to help you dry your hair faster. Remember to leave your durag on during this process.

Next, once your hair is dry take the durag off and add some oil. Could be coconut oil, olive oil, whatever oil you have for waves.


 Rub it in then plastic bag method to lay the hair down more.


If you are happy with your results you are good too go or you can put the durag back on after you put that oil in your hair. Leave it for a while then take it off. Your waves should be on point. 

This whole process of washing can take you about 30 minutes to an hour depending on what level you’re on. Usually longer when you’re just beginning but you get fast the more you know your hair and how to tame it. You have to stay consistent and patient to achieve elite 360 waves.

If you repeat this process at least once a week, you should progress on your journey. You will have clean and crispy waves throughout the wolf process. Patience is a virtue and all the benefits from 360 Waves will be the payoff!

I'll leave the video here so you can see how he does it. Stay drippy

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