Hunter x Hunter: The Master Piece You Didn't Know About

Hunter x Hunter: The Master Piece You Didn't Know About

 Escape Your World & Become A Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a masterpiece! A quiet masterpiece, there are so many people who still haven’t watched this series so I didn’t spoil too much. It goes against the grain for many different anime. You have to see it for yourself.

This is where the inspiration of one of my favorite durags comes from. I love wearing this durag because it represents and means so much to me. When I first was told about this show I thought Gon looked stupid and there was no way I would like it. Took me a couple tries but when I finally gave it 3 episodes and I was hooked. We’ll get into the overall concept of a hunter today. We can dive deeper if it gets a good reception.

Hunter x Hunter goes from a harmless light hearted show to really dark. You would think it’s an anime where the main character always gets a happy ending but it’s not. The lines are blurred between good and bad, hard to make it out and it can have you questioning morals. Example Killua is a vicious killer but you like him and he is a “good guy'' or Hisoka a villain is likeable but his bloodlust is super weird, and more. 

There's so much to talk about in this anime & I’ll make this into a series if you guys want it but today I’m going to get into the overall Hunter plot today. I’m not going deeper than what came out for the anime right now. My bad for those who read the manga.

There's so many diverse characters in Hunter x Hunter you can learn about some human traits or find something to relate too in many of them. If they are not killed off, you can see growth in them which is pretty cool too. And when I say growth it might not be a good growth, it might be a dark evil growth. 

I’m not going to spoil it too much. *** This is a spoiler *** jump into the next paragraph if you haven’t seen it but an example of human nature is Netero’s sacrifice. He did it to save mankind. Meruem was a whole new character from who he was before. He was trying to reason and be diplomatic but with Netero there was no ifs ands or buts. Netero believed there should be no creature that strong on earth. Frankly Netero could have used the bomb earlier but because of his pride he wanted to fight to show why he’s the strongest. Meruem didn’t even want to fight. This showed what lengths we would go through as humans for what we can call justice and also shows the length we will go due to our pride. Meruem is personally one of my favorite characters, so I was kind of hurt but it is what it is. If you want a post on him let me know.    

Now, Let’s get into it. First the show starts with Gon training to become a hunter. He wants to go on adventures and make friends. A hunter is an elite licensed professional who gets hired to go on adventures, protecting, fighting, searching for rare species & treasures and more. 

The world Gon’s in is crazy compared to ours. It’s basically an imaginary world where they have monsters but it’s kinda like ours have cell phones and computers. That world mixes our world with a wild world with forces like magic and things that we can’t imagine happening in real life. Like having a video game we can go inside and actually be there. Who knows in the future with artificial intelligence we can go to virtual worlds but you can’t do that right now so we’ll settle for this. 

Gon's biggest goal is to find his father who abandoned him at birth. At that point, What he does know about him is that his dad is a hunter and he’s somewhere out there in the world. Gon won’t stop until he finds him. He’s a kid at heart, fun loving, forgiving, and naive. He goes off to leave his Island to take the Hunter exam. This is where you go get your license to become a professional hunter. 

You know how we go to school to get a so-called good job. In the Hunter world you have that choice where you can become a doctor like Leorio but you can also become a professional Hunter for a living and get rich. Shit If I was there I would not work a 9 to 5. I would definitely want to be a Hunter. 

Becoming a hunter is not an easy task. There are hundreds of applicants but most do not pass the exam. Everyone is there for a different reason. Some want power and strength, some want riches, some want to help people, some need entertainment. 

A hunter title isn’t a job it’s basically a pass or an opening to a world of jobs a hunter can have. For example since Gon wants adventure, becoming a hunter opens up all the world's borders to him to explore. Someone without a license could not go to these places. You don’t even have to be strong to pass the exam. Just have extreme stamina, some strength, and have some wits. 

During the exams he meets his Bestfriends Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio and they start their journey together. Alot could be said for each character but that’s beyond this post I might make a post discussing them too. He also meets Hisoka who's looking to kill strong opponents. He becomes Gon’s main enemy. But since Gon is too weak he decides to spare him because of Gon’s potential. Hisoka wants to wait until Gon is stronger to kill him.

Gon’s ability is freakish like most main characters. He is able to get stronger and better at techniques pretty quickly. He’s not afraid to put in the work. But what makes this anime different from other anime is that he does not just become the ultimate fighter. He’s got a lot to go through and there are some characters who just completely outrank him. 

There are times in the series where he completely is not the focus. His role is too minor to what's going on. What’s going on is bigger than you bro and that’s pretty crazy to see for any show. We still get to watch the show through his eyes.

The main characters evolve and change in Hunter x Hunter we don’t get to see a lot of the changes but when we do it’s when they come in touch with Gon. We expect like every other anime the core group (Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio) to be together the whole series but they separate and their stories keep going on. They pop in and out of each other's lives because everyone is on their own path. More like real life you and your friends might go your separate ways because of school, work, moving, etc but you may still remain good friends at the end of the day.

There is way more realism in Hunter x Hunter. The main character doesn’t win every fight. Gon gets his ass beat and has to run away and regroup, train and get better. You might always want to see the hero win but this refreshing for things to go against the played out “good guy always wins” story. Let me just leave this last spoiler with you Gon has a hard time with Pito there is no way he would have beat Meruem. Not going to talk much more about that or go deeper in the series if you haven’t seen it go watch it. If you have comments on your thoughts of this anime and what should I post more about specifically.

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