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We get many questions on Instagram about waves so I’m hoping that after reading these segments, new wavers, old wavers, elite wavers, or the returning wavers can use this as a reference for healthy and successful waves. A place where the questions you will form along your journey can be answered. Everyone is different yet you’ll never know who you may share similarities with. Let’s start from the beginning. So you want waves...? 

The Basics

Since everyone is different, what waves look like to one person may differ slightly for the next. The one commonality however is that waves are a result of stretching and compressing the curls in your hair at a shorter length no matter the texture. Everyone has or can form a curl pattern some might be tighter or looser than others but anyone can have or manipulate their hair into having waves. Now let’s get into the details of how to not only get but maintain waves that are mesmerizing to the eye. 



Moisturizing keeps the hair healthy and along with regular brushing will assist with the natural growth of the curl pattern. Again, everyone has a curl pattern. There are multiple ways to keep your hair moisturized as long as it gets done, you’re on the right track to the results you desire. 


Next up is what some may think is the most obvious but most crucial step : Brushing.


The act of brushing naturally accentuates the growth of your hair and waves so when used on a daily basis, intentional or not waves will begin to form...It may take longer for the waves to form but the more work you put in the better. Now the work comes in with additional methods we’ll divulge into soon. Overall the most important takeaway from this segment is...BRUSH YOUR HAIR I MEAN KEEP BRUSHING YOUR HAIR ! 


Out of all the methods out there the one common variable that will NEVER change is the fact that regular grooming and brushing your hair is the BEST way to obtain waves. Brushing gets you waves, not the product. The will help lay them down and make it look nicer but you can form waves with literally water and coconut oil. However, There are killer products out there that adds more shine, smells great, and can help deepen the effects of you waves.


Products will change depending on what your hair responds to but the brush? The brush is consistent and here to stay. Your essential takeaway is...KEEP BRUSHING! No matter the brand, If you want to attain the perfect set of waves is your new best friend. Brushing first, moisturizer/pomade of your choice second. I will send a email or create a post about brushes soon and different ways you can used brushes at different stages of your wave journey.

And lastly of course a Drippy Rags Durag but that goes without saying. Keep your hair laid for the best styling effect. Without a Durag or something to keep your hair laid during this process your hair may become frizzy or your curl pattern will stick up so you will not be able to see your hard earned waves. I like to keep my hair in a Durag whenever I am not showing my hair off. Also Durags keep your hair cut fresher longer. Every couple hours I might have a brush session then re-tie my durag again but I make sure to keep it on.


To my future wavers and current wavers, never forget like everyone who has started anything, you’ll eventually develop your own method based on what works for you specifically because as mentioned earlier, everyone is different. 


You’ve reached the end of this segment but you’re only at the beginning, what are you waiting for? Your wave journey begins NOW.

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