Starting your wave journey? here’s what you need to know

Starting your wave journey? here’s what you need to know

Hair Tips Episode 3

If you’ve ever asked yourself I want to get waves this is for you. 
Here’s what you need. 

1. A Hair Cut

Drippy Rags Man with 360 hair cut

First thing you want is a low haircut or to have not too much hair. You don’t want to scalp because you won’t have any hair to work with. I Recommend a 1.5 haircut to start off. So when you see your barber you either ask them for a 1.5 or say “you want the best haircut to start your waves”. A good barber should know from looking at your head what level they should cut your hair at. If you can’t get to a barber At this time it’s not the end of the world or your wave dreams,  you just don’t want to have a fro to start your journey. 

2. Get a Brush

Man Brushing 360 waves drippy rags

Next you want a brush. Combs are cool but you don’t really need it as a beginner. At this point you’re just really trying to train your hair if it hasn’t been waived before and you’re completely changing the way it grows. Think of it like a lawn,  if you just let it grow crazy it’s going to grow all kinds of ways. It will look wild But when you start mowing it in a certain way it starts to grow and look good and then you can manage the wildness. 

Depending on your hair texture get a soft, medium, and hard brush. If you have straighter to medium texture hair you may not need a hard brush. 


If you can’t afford multiple brushes or can’t bring yourself to buy so many just go for a medium bristle brush because most mediums can work to start waves for most hair textures. Get the other brushes when you need more details and can afford it. 

3. Choose a Hair Pattern 

Drippy Rags Hair Pattens

You want to next Figure out what hair pattern you want. You may want 360 waves or 540 waves or 720 waves or a mixture but you wanna choose and stick to a brushing routine. Angles are important. You want to stick to a routine so you can develop your waves. If you are an elite waiver let me know and we can put up one of your videos to help other waivers just send us an Email. 

4. Pomade, oil, or wave butter & Moisturizer 

Pomades, oils, and wave butters will get your waves going and moisturizers will keep your hair hydrated. These products will help form your waves and get them shinning. I wrote about them more and you can check out the difference here. 

If you can’t afford a good product use natural household products like olive oil or coconut oil which work just as fine until you can. 

5. Get a Durag 

Drippy Rags Durags

Laying your hair down is important. You will need a Durag and or stocking cap for this. Waves are a laid down curl pattern. The Durag is a big part of training the hair. You’re locking in the gains. You want to wear the Durag as much as possible but if you can’t due to work, school, sports teams, etc. wear it at night so you don’t lose all your gains. Since you’re going to be wearing a Durag a lot of the time it’s always cool to get one that represents you. If you want check us out and Get a Durag here. 

6. Mirror

A mirror is important because it will help you with seeing what you are doing. If you can get a hand held mirror that will be great plus you can take it everywhere. Plus you will be able to get the back and sides of your head. Front and back waves are usually easier to get but getting that crown and side waves right takes some effort. 

Drippy Rags Hand mirror

7. Patience 

To get perfect waves is a long term achievement It’s like working out you don’t get the body you’re looking for overnight. 

If you put in the work and be consistent you will see the gains you’re looking for. For some people it may take a month or a couple of months, If you want to be elite it might even take a year. If you look at all the Instagram , YouTube, Tiktok , or other elite waivers They’ve been at it for years. 

Don’t compare yourself! just put in the work I believe it will come. Your hair has been growing one way for however many years you’ve been alive and you’re literally changing the way it grows. Don’t beat yourself up and take the time that you need to get the results.

To wrap it all up a simple starter kit would be get a haircut, a medium Brush, pick a pattern that you want, get some hair products  that could even be what you have at home, a Durag, Get a mirror, and have some patience to put in the work and get those waves going. 

Good luck and Stay Drippy


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