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What is a Durag? History of the Durag? (2021 Edition)

What is a Durag and the History of the Durag?

I tried to make this for anyone who's heard of a durag but don't actually know what it is and for those just curious in the origin of the durag. Enjoy!

The Durag (other names: do-rag, du rag, dew rag, doo rag, or wave cap) is a scarf that is tied down to one’s head to create, preserve, or and style one’s hair style. They are also worn for fashion to match or reveal one’s outfit and fashion sense.

What is the History of the Durag?

The Durag originally worn to keep hair and sweat out of the faces of African-American laborers and slaves in the 19th century. 

However, it was in the 1930s, during the era of “Great Depression” and “Harlem Renaissance” the usage of the durag started to change.

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African Americans men started using durags for their hairstyles throughout the united states. The popular hairstyle waves was born. The durag was used for hair protection and to create and maintain black men's wave patterns.

The late 1960s the Black Power Movement added power to this accessory. Black men started to wear wear durags to differentiate themselves.

In recent years wearing durags have been a fashion trend and you can see many people wear it across social media. Famous African American women like Rihanna and Solange Knowles can be seen in these head wraps on billboards and magazines.

NBA star Brandon Ingram frequently wears durags in his interviews and his pregame outfits. His nickname is Durag B.I. 

Even white men such as WWE owner and wrestler star Vince McMahon and Rapper Eminem wore a durag on tv.

The impact of the piece of head cloth has also cause controversies through out society from schools to in the media. Recently the MLB TV announcer, Bob Brenly, mocked Marcus Stroman, a Black baseball player for the New York Mets, for wearing a durag but the result of this action from the announcer brought more popularity to this hair accessory and the players brand throughout social media.

This item has become a cultural staple for the modern black man at Drippy Rags our core belief is it is the durag is like wearing a crown it helps us express ourselves, feel great, and be the best we can be.


Who invented Durags?

There is not one person who is responsible for inventing the durag. The invention of the durag is attributed to black culture. 


What are Durags used for and what are waves?

Durags are mostly used to preserve, protect, and to help create hairs styles especially for black people and other races with curlier to kinkier hair.

Durags help form the hairstyle waves. They are used to lay down the curl patterns in ones head to form the waves in their head.

Waves are a hairstyle where curls or combed brushed down and flattened in order to create ripple like patterns simulating the waves at sea.

Durags are also used protect and prolong hairstyles like dreadlocks and braids. The materials in a good durag keep the hair from fizzing up and drying out. 

There are many different patterns of the wave hairstyle like 180 waves, 360 waves, 540 waves, 720 waves, and a combination of multiple patterns. They are formed based on one brushes their hair.

Durags preserve this hair style. Soon many came to know about the durags benefits and started wearing it this hairstyle preserver. 

Who made the durag a fashion statement?

The du rag started gaining power as a fashion statement worn by rappers, top athletes, and Afro-American boys and men of all ages who frequently wear durags.

Many of the top hip hop artist such as Drake, 50 Cent, A$AP Ferg, Meek Mill, Chris Brown, and more have worn or wear durags.

Durags are not hard to find and are now being sold in every color, various fabrics, most countries around the world.

Who wears durags?

Durags are worn by both men and women. They are worn for hair purposes as well as for fashion. Many people have adopted their own usage and style in how they wear their durag.

Now you can find thousands of design on the durag and people wear them to represent themselves, their tastes, personalities, and likes. We wear durags to match our clothes or shoes and look and ultimately feel good.


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