Where To Buy Durags?

Where To Buy Durags?

Where to buy a Durag?

If you’re like me, you have been looking for the best du-rag to put on top of your hair. You might have 360 waves, curly hair, dreads, braids, or another hair style and you've looked through the Internet looking on all the websites and at every type of YouTube video or article to see which durag might be the best.

This is the best guide on for the question "where can I buy a durag?" Just know you will get the Best highest quality Durags at Drippy Rags. 

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Where is the best place to buy durags?

You can buy plain durags at your local beauty supply store, many gas stations, or even Walmart or Target. Make sure you get a higher quality durag though. Online you can find high quality durags from niche shops.

For example Drippy Rags has to the top premium quality durags for your personal care journey. We also have wave brushes so you can train you waves too if you're looking for that. If your looking to brush your hair in best way possible we got you. We have soft, medium, and hard bristle brushes so it does not matter the hair type we got it.

Quality matters though so I would recommend somewhere who specializes in what you are looking for.

What are Durags for?

Durags are used to lay down, hold, and help form your 360 waves process. They are also great to prolong fresh braids and dreads. They are many other kinds of head clothes but these are still the best hair product for black men to develop deep 360 waves and for training your hair.

The best silky durags holds moisture in your hair, provides airflow to your hair, but also adds compression to your hair.

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You can find many great products clicking here or at Drippyrags.com 

Why not support a company looking to constantly find the best materials on earth for your durags. If there is something you don't like and thinks could be improved we will work on it.

Our goal is to keep investing in our products and give you the best products.

Back to durags I'm still going to let you know what benefit each kind of durag provides even if you don't purchase anything. I will update this over time and make it better over time.

What are the Different Durag types & their Benefits?

100% Polyester Durag:

Drippy Rags Polyester Durag worn by rapper eve

Poly’s are the cheapest and affordable durags. While easy to get and pretty cheap they’re going to offer you the value that they cost.

Since they’re cheap, they’re going to offer you that level of quality and use which means they are not going to be able to get you the best waves. No, I wouldn’t write them off completely because they do have their place though.

They could easily be used for letting others see the progress of your transformation or let you continue to compress your hair as you go about your daily business.

Other than that I wouldn’t recommend trying to get waves with them for long term or at least upgrading to a better option if you’ve been using polyester.

Benefits of a Polyester Durag

  • Thinner material
  • Mesh and See through
  • Used for layering
  • Can be found anywhere
  • Cheapest (most cost effective)

Silky Satin Durag

Drippy Rags | Group of boys with waves and durags

Silky satin durags or silk durags for short are a blend of silky materials and satin materials. they are spun in a way that combines the material types and brings out a stronger quality durag.

This way you have both materials working together to create a rag that is higher quality and effective with a quality technique behind it!

Silky satins will be able to lay your waves down better than a poly durag and maintain their strength and compressive nature.

Benefits of a Silky Durag

  • Shinier durag
  • Lays hair down well
  • Great for style
  • Could add a wave cap on top
  • Keeps in hair moisture
  • Good compression
  • Stay in place 
  • Better than other durags for laying down waves
  • Breathable
  • Many different designs 

Velvet Durag

Velvets use a velvet (picture suede shoes, plush pillow, or velour jumpsuit) material on the outside and then use a satin material on the inside.

This allows velvet to have both that smooth satin texture so that it can lay waves at the same time as having a very fine luxurious exterior that is quality to look at.


Drippy Rags Rapper With Durag toosie 2x


Benefits of a Velvet Durag

  • Looks nice, luxurious look
  • Quality Style
  • Best for a smooth Style and Popping out
  • Easier to stretch
  • Keeps in hair moisture
  • Could add a wave cap on top
  • Many color options

Holographic Durags

Holographic durags are cool period. Both men and women love this choice of durag to show off their style. These durags brings extra shine to the silky durag. They glitter and sparkle and look really good in the sun or light.

Drippy Rags Holographic Durag worn by woman

Benefits of a Holographic Durag

  • Silky blend
  • Looks great make a fashion statement
  • Keeps in hair moisture
  • Many of the same benefits as silky durags

How to choose a durag?

Buy one of each of the kinds. 😂 Just kidding.

If you’re looking for a Durag that is very useful and is going give you the waves you're looking for with your waves then you wanna look at silky satin durag.

These durags can be worn while you’re sleeping and generally maintain moisture and compression within your hair better than most other types of durags. 

With a silky durag you can get a designer or graphic design (example camouflage durag) on it, as well as a material that can get you waves better than any other material.

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish, fashionable, and trendy then velvet is what you’re looking for. Velvets offer a silky compression texture on the inside with ability to keep your waves compressed and have a fashionable look to them as well.

While silky satin is still very clean to see, it sometimes just can’t beat the shine and luster of a velvet or hologram.

Don’t worry as long as you start your wave journey or just want to be fashionable you can’t go wrong with either one! 

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