Maintain your waves the fast and lazy way!

Maintain your waves the fast and lazy way!

The Lazy Way to Maintain Your Waves!

I get it! You are busy & life gets in the way. So I’m here to make life one step easier for you. If you can save time you can do more of what you want to do!

So you want to stay wavy and still live your life? Try this lazy but still effective method. If you read the guide: Stating Waves the Easy and Lazy way. This is pretty similar. The difference is you will have your waves already started with this method. If you’re a beginner looking to start your waves the easy and lazy way check this guide out.

This method you want to do in the morning. After a shower, in between your daily events, and right before bed. Instead of 100 strokes each side hit 25. That’s righty, we’re chopping it down to 25.

We not looking for perfect waves but this will still get you wavy for those short notice days or keep you wavy

I’ll give you a Break down on how to do it

Simple right now you got no excuses to not throw this into your schedule since this is way less work than a full routine.

  • Step 1: Grab all your wave stuff: spray bottles, wave grease, wave butters, oil, brushes, durags

  • Step 2: Wet your hair (spray bottle, after shower, etc)

  • Step 3: Add your products to your hair (wave grease, butters, oil)

  • Step 4: Brush your hair the wave pattern you’re aiming for 25 times each stroke per side

  • Step 5: Repeat this until you brush all of your head in your wave pattern

  • Step 6: Put your Durag on and keep it moving


This was a quick break down if you want it explained a little more check out the easy lazy starter wave guide

If you want to be an elite waver when you do have more time you’d want to do full on in depth brush sessions. You want to work on connections, depth, and refining your waves.

This could be for days you’re just not feeling it or you’re in go mode and need to go go go but still wanna tend to those waves in some kind of form

Stay Drippy

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